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Our customers have recognized that their efforts to maximise a return on their BI investment can be accelerated by making use of experienced, professional and accredited BI consultants.

Today we are coming alongside hundreds of companies to help them make BI come alive in their environments.

The extent to which we engage depends largely on the level of skill available in the organisations we deal with. In some cases this involves a complete outsource of the BI function, others use our skills to supplement their own, and still others use us in an advisory capacity only.

What ever your information delivery needs may be, we are confident that our skill and experience can help you gain a significant competitive advantage from BI.


We have learnt some valuable lessons over the years on how to maximise the transfer of knowledge and skill to developers and end-users of BI products, knowledge without which it would be impossible to take full advantage of your software investment.

By adopting a blended approach of formal classroom training and on site, hands-on skills transfer we have enabled thousands of users to not only master the technical features of the software but also apply it in their everyday working environment.

Formal classroom training comes in the form of fully equipped training rooms, managed and operated by experienced BI trainers.

Training courses can be customized in order to train users on their own data. This has proved to be helpful in closing the gap between business and technical knowledge, equipping information consumers to make better, informed decisions.

Products and Support

BI software has undergone a major transformation in the last few years. Today, the focus is on software that delivers the complete range of BI capabilities on a single, service-oriented architecture (SOA).

This platform enables the authoring, sharing and using of reports that draw on data across all company sources for information delivery. C2 Business Consulting's long-standing relationship with leading BI company, QlikView, has enabled us to bring this technology to our customers.

With the right platform in place, the solution can change and grow as the organisation's needs change – whether that be new capabilities, new users, new data sources or new technology environments. In short, we have that capacity to deliver on your business needs today and grow your solution as your BI journey evolves.

Turn your Sapling into a Forrest.
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