Increasing the value of SAP with quick, flexible, ad-hoc analysis

Companies have spent millions automating their business processes, but many still lack the ability to fully leverage their wealth of data contained in SAP. Not only are ABAP queries, SAP BW and module reports difficult to use, but OLAP-based Business Intelligence (BI) is also complex and predicated on an "all SAP" cube structure. QlikView in-memory analysis, with the speciallydesigned QlikView Connector powered by SAP NetWeaver®, enables SAP users to perform quick, flexible, visual, ad-hoc analysis and reporting, which can include combining data from external non-SAP sources. Using QlikView, companies complement their centralized SAP reporting capabilities with instant, user-driven visibility into business processes, allowing SAP-based decision-making at the speed of business.

QlikView brings together everything you need to develop, deploy, analyze, and collaborate for better decisions and faster action – all in one solution. QlikView delivers power and simplicity, without the cost or complexity of traditional BI applications. With QlikView, you can:

SAP performance challenges
The inability to easily access and analyze data captured in SAP is well known. ABAP queries, SAP BW or module reports all present their own issues. It is difficult to interact with the system across its entire data set or even across multiple dimensions within tables. Reporting and analysis across tables or integrating data from other systems is extremely challenging. Built for centralized reporting, SAP and third-party tools lack flexibility for new reporting demands, especially when needing to include data from other sources, and when large data volumes cripple performance. As a result, end users lack visibility into business processes and critical insights hidden in SAP to make fast, informed, business decisions.

Business benefits of QlikView for SAP

QlikView: Revolutionary SAP data analysis

Executive analysis
QlikView in-memory analysis provides a complete view of SAP-powered business in one application. Unlike OLAP technology, which requires executives to anticipate every question and then have IT build the analysis, QlikView operates intuitively with end-users able to change to analysis "on the fly" and develop totally new analysis within hours – with minimal, if any IT support. QlikView's associative technology mirrors how the mind works. Executives get fast answers to critical, often complex, business questions, as well as insights that inspire new questions and answers never before considered. QlikView enables all standard BI capabilities – predictive analysis, "what-if" scenarios, dashboard KPIs, balanced scorecards – and more, at the speed of business.

Sales and customer analysis
Customer information accumulates in SAP systems and external databases. QlikView makes it easier for sales, marketing and customer service functions to access and use it. End users from management to field forces can view analyses of market trends, customers and product/service performance to do their jobs better. The instant insights provided by QlikView enable more timely and accurate alignment of product and sales strategies with customer needs, helping to grow margins, revenue, and profits.

Supply chain analysis
QlikView empowers supply chain managers with faster and deeper visibility into demand planning and execution. SAP users can collaborate more closely with suppliers and integrate data from suppliers' systems into QlikView analysis. With QlikView-enabled intelligent demand/supply analytics, businesses reduce operational costs while increasing responsiveness to customers.

Manufacturing analysis
Factory planners and managers equipped with QlikView quickly see where and how to systematically improve their SAP-driven processes. QlikView increases capabilities to rapidly shift production needs to capture competitive benefits, reduce product defects, and implement or refine data intensive best practices methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Activity-Based Costing.

Financial analysis
QlikView brings speed, accuracy and visibility to financial management and regulatory compliance dependent on SAP data. QlikView's capabilities to quickly cleanse data helps SAP users across the enterprise work with the same information, eliminating confusion and reducing the time to perform analysis and reporting. In addition to improving insights into financial performance and business risks, QlikView simplifies compliance with SOX, IFRS, GAAP and other accounting statutes and standards, as well as environmental, health, safety, and commerce regulations across world markets.

HR, R&D and IT analysis
Since QlikView analysis can be conducted on any data in any dimension, QlikView decision support can be applied to any area affecting business performance and costs. As indicated by the chart below, every SAP module captures information that can be leveraged more effectively with QlikView.

Increasing the value of SAP with quick, flexible, ad-hoc analysis
Companies don't run on SAP, they run on people making decisions. Having automated processes with SAP, industry leaders are now turning to QlikView with QlikView Connector powered by SAP NetWeaver for the insights and speed necessary to extend their business advantage..

QlikView Connector

QlikView Connector

The SAP-certified QlikView Connector works as a read-only Remote Function Call and enables direct access to SAP data. By deploying the QlikView SAP Connector, SAP customers can deploy QlikView applications tied directly back to their FI, CO, HR, SD, MM, PP and other SAP modules. These analyses can also include other non-SAP data sources in a rapid, flexible, and easy manner. Either way, users will have access to analysis at both an aggregated level and a detailed transaction level.

QlikView Connector Click here to view and explore a live demo of the SAP 'Trade Cockpit'.

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