Our extensive business consultancy experience combined with our advanced understanding of the QlikView product, ensures our customers will receive the best possible service and business intelligence solution. The solutions we provide enable our customers to make business decisions efficiently by analysing the information that matters, and therefore optimising their productivity and profitability.


C2 Business Consulting has established itself as a leading business intelligence (BI) solutions company, assisting many of South Africa's major corporations with the delivery of accurate, reliable information on time.

We believe that data is one of the most valuable assets of any company and we are on a mission to help them turn it in to information in such a way that they boost revenues, increase efficiencies and deliver world class service.

When data is seen as a strategic asset to be exploited there is a high probability that BI will become pervasive - it is simply an integral part of the ordinary life of running a business.

This calls for a mix of vision, faith and creativity. Experience has shown that BI makes companies work smarter, better and faster.

C2 Business Consulting can help you to get there too. We have worked closely with companies from a wide range of industries, assisting them to combine BI technology with a vision of how information can be used to achieve business goals and create a culture for acting on insights gleaned.

C2 Business Consulting is a dedicated solution provider. We believe in focus and therefore our services are 100% focused on QlikView. In this context, we offer our clients the full spectrum of professional services for QlikView: QlikView software , QlikView consulting , QlikView training and QlikView helpdesk . C2 Business Consulting stands for expertise and experience ... a partner who is a high-quality end result.

C2 Business Consulting believes in cooperation with partners and parties who wish to implement QlikView for their product or service improvement. Making standard QlikView models ERP applications is an obvious area of expertise.

C2 Business Consulting is active in various industries and has extensive experience with a large knowledge base built around QlikView. We have several product and business models available to our customers to facilitate a fast start!

C2 Business Consulting focuses on providing a business intelligence service and not to drive as much as possible to sell software licenses, called the hit and run principle. C2 Business Consulting is committed to a lasting relationship with its customers and focuses on a quality end result. C2 Business Consulting is your partner for implementing and deploying business intelligence in your organization.

We believe it is important for businesses to receive support locally, and as we provide all QlikView application development, QlikView training and QlikView support our customers can be confident they will receive the services they require from staff based here in South Africa in a timely manner.

Also to optimize your existing BI investment, see C2 Business Consulting as your ideal partner. Only with the purchase of a BI tool you are not there yet. There is much more involved and to maximize your investment will result in a success within your organization.

C2 Business Consulting uses this principle to the 5-ING:

  • Importing
  • Reporting
  • Dashboarding
  • Distributing
  • Improving

So also for optimizing your existing BI investment, which we call "Business Intelligence Performance Trimming", C2 Business Consulting is your ideal partner.

If you are interested and want to know what C2 Business Consulting can do for your organization, please contact us!

Since our focus is 100% Business Intelligence and reporting with the QlikView product line we can confidently claim that we know what we are doing.

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C2 Business Consulting believes
in teamwork.
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