Many factors influence your company's performance but few are more important than the ability to make the correct decision. Getting answers and acting on them means having the capacity to integrate all the data spread across your business, quickly and easily.

Turning this data into information is the single most important reason why C2 Business Consulting has existed since 2010.  We help our customers to achieve their goals and be more profitable as they seamlessly integrate information, technology and process. And we can do the same for you.

C2 Business Consulting helps organizations improve performance by optimizing their management information so that you adequately and quickly gain insight faster and make the right decisions. This creates a clear advantage. Using the QlikView business intelligence platform, we can arrange for you, from your existing data sources, to quickly find the information you have.

QlikView allows you to quickly answer questions like:

  • Which customers are at the sink and what products do they buy less?
  • Which activities provide a good return?
  • What structural distortions reduce your production levels?
  • How does your cash position foresee about three months off?
  • Where are opportunities for efficiencies and cost reduction?
  • Where are the untapped opportunities for cross-selling?

QlikView collects the answers to these and similar questions from the various databases of your company and presents them in the desired manner. This presentation will take place in a very organized manner, which you obviously have the ability to filter, select and click through to detail.

C2 Business Consulting has the necessary experience among others in the food, the fresh produce industry and transport. We are therefore able to work with you and your need for mapping management information quickly and accurately. We use QlikView for its unique combination of ease of use, analytical power, rapid deployment and low cost.
The satisfaction of QlikView users is 96% and the payback of an investment in QlikView is an average of 6 to 7 months. QlikView provides very fast, flexible and extremely powerful business analysis and reporting.

Flexible analysis

Stop guessing and start knowing exactly what is happening in your company. QlikView allows you to quickly analyze data from all major sources within your organization in a way that exactly suits your needs and processes. Nobody needs to be compelled to think the same way anymore. You can compare, side by side, everything from every angle and view in any order and you can direct your findings directly to the right people so that they can take proactive action.

Analysis to the last detail

With traditional BI, users are often dissatisfied with the level of detail and information available on fixed, rigid navigation paths. QlikView offers a wide range of features that you can use to view and analyze your data the way you want to. QlikView can analyze data in great detail, giving you an unparalleled insight into the current issues and dependencies on which the performance of your business are based.

Even for large organizations

  • Automatic load balancing for peak performance, even if tens of thousands of users are connected.
  • An optimized architecture that maximizes the performance of the most advanced 64-bit Intel architecture.
  • Support for the latest in virtualization and models for deployment in the cloud.
  • Built with standard failover resilience options.
  • No extra charge for the use of additional processing power as the company needs it.
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